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Sports fitness and conditioning is a must is you want to develop your game and really stand out from the competition.

Consider your speed, agility, flexibility, muscle strength, balance, core stability and endurance. Some of these attributes require more focus than just involvement in training and match day activities.

Why not give one of the workouts below a try and see how you develop.

Workout Info

Please complete the workouts in the prescribed exercise order. If you feel dizzy or disorientated during the workout, stop immediately.

Keep to the exercise form, i.e. the correct posture for the exercise.

Sets and repetitions for the exercise will be noted against each exercise, for example 3 x 10. This equates to 3 sets of 10 exercise repetitions. The suggested rest between sets will be also be noted.

If your form drops before the end of the exercise during strength training, stop the exercise, rest and move on to the next exercise. Use this as an exercise basis for progression.

A warmup must be completed before participation in all workouts to ready the body for more active movement. Warmups for the specific session will be defined in the workout schedule.

Post workout stretching is also a must. Regular stretching helps reduce muscle tension and soreness, can reduce the risk of joint strains or muscle sprains and promotes the development of general body awareness.

Exercise disclaimer

I the player (or parent/guardian of the U18 player) understand that exercise and physical activity, including the use of equipment is potentially hazardous.

I understand that participation in physical activity may result in injury and that I choose voluntarily to take part in these activities, including using any free weights, resistance or cardio equipment.

By participating, I declare myself (or child if Under 18) to be physically sound and suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, or illness that would prevent me (or them) participating in physical activities, or exercise. I (or they) therefore assume and accept any and all risk of injury.

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